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Need to know and How to join

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    Need to know and How to join

    How it works, basic rules and vetting.

    1. This is a paid, exclusive content forum with 2 different membership options of $4.99/month or an annual membership which includes 1 month free. Jim occasionally posts free content on the blog but writes for and answers questions here on a daily basis.

    2. Every member uses their first and last name as their username. There is no hiding behind an screen name so that you can relentlessly spew things you normally wouldn't. If your name is taken, make a simple adjustment like adding a number. (Exceptions are made for high profile or active duty individuals who can use a last name initial.)

    3. We ask that you read one of the 5/3/1 books. This prevents the forum from being bogged down with the redundancy of very basic questions about 5/3/1 training.

    If that sounds reasonable to you, fill out the membership request survey here.

    **If you have already filled out the survey then we'll being getting back to you shortly**

    If you accidentally create a screen name instead of using your real name, I'm happy to fix it for you! Just send me a quick note at [email protected] - it is the fastest way to get a response to any issue you may have.

    Previous members from the old forum with yearly subscriptions or an annual membership that came with the Wendler Library purchase, please email [email protected] so we can make sure you get the proper amount of membership credit to this new forum. Previous month to month memberships have already been cancelled and refunded so those individuals are free and clear to start with a fresh subscription here without fear of being overcharged.

    No previous account information from the old forum automatically transfers to this forum. Everything is brand new as part of our new security measures. It's as simple as starting a new subscription. Previous members never need to go through vetting again. You can send me a note at [email protected] and I'll get you a direct link to sign up.


      I have a question I’m currently doing the boring but big 3 month challenge from beyond 5/3/1 my question is I’m on week four do I deload or continue on with next cycle thank you